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Join the Workplace Rebelution

The world of work has, and continues to, undergo a radical transformation. DebCo HR is here to help you with this, embracing your inner rebel to revolutionize your HR strategies and practices, and equip your leaders to address and meet the changing needs of your business and people! 

Need someone to help you discover and embed your
company values or EVP, help you develop and drive engagement, culture or recognition or possibly deliver leadership training in creative and engaging ways? This is what we do, and this is how we'd love to help you!

And to further help you and your leaders, check out our other website that focuses on how to be a great leader. It's based on our latest book 'Bad Bosses Ruin Lives: The Building Blocks for Being a Great Boss.'

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Debra Corey, HR Expert
Making a difference to the world of work through a rebellious approach to innovation and a relentless focus on people.

How to work with me

HR Consulting

Provide consulting to help companies from design to delivery, putting in place HR strategies and programs that don't just sound good, but actually work. Innovative, practical and effective solutions that drive positive and meaningful change.

SPEAKING Engagements

Deliver thought-provoking, captivating and action-oriented talks on a wide variety of topics to inspire and motivate audiences to embrace their inner rebel, take ownership and drive positive change with their people and business.


Provide training for leaders and managers that combine strategy, stories, practical tips and interactive discussions on a variety of topics. Attendees leave more confident, inspired and ultimately more effective.​

Debra Corey jumping in the air with the word 'rebel' on her T-shirt and a red cape flapping in the wind

Hi, I'm Debra

I started using the terms "rebel" and "rebelution" in 2018 when co-writing my book "Build it: The Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement." They've become my North Star, driving me to look at the workplace through a different lens, using this to help clients and inspire audiences to boldly challenge traditional thinking and practices. 

Debra Corey has been recognized as a
Top 101 Global Employee Engagement Influencer & Top Global Thought Leader
DebCo HR is here to help you be a rebel and make a difference at your company when you:
  • Need a bit of inspiration and that push to try new things.
  • Are frustrated, confused and need someone to help you overcome a challenge.

  • Need practical and actionable tips and solutions that really work in this new world of work.

  • Need help inspiring and motivating your leaders to take ownership and action.

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"Debra taught me something new every day. She brings a fresh perspective and I can confidently say she is one of the most prolific, energetic and passionate professionals I know. Those characteristics combined with her kind approach to business make her an amazing consultant and advisor."
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why doeS it

So why do we need to do things differently, why does it matter? To put it bluntly, it's because the old ways of treating people at work have failed. And because of this, many of our employees are disengaged, burned out and leaving their companies. 

The good news is that when companies get it "right," they have high employee engagement, leading to positive results such as:

  • Better Business ResultsEmployees are more productive, leading to higher sales, revenue and overall business success.

  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty: Employees are meeting the needs of their customers, being more loyal to your business.

  • Improved Employee Wellbeing: Employees have a better sense of satisfaction and belonging, are happier and less burned out.

  • Lower Company Costs: Employee turnover is lower, there's less safety incidents, all saving their company time and money.

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