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Hello, I'm Debra

Chief Pay it Forward Officer at DebCo HR

​I've been "doing" HR for over 20 years. Sometimes I've done it well, and other times I've made mistakes along the way. Together, this has been invaluable in teaching me important and powerful lessons about how best to engage a workforce in companies of all sizes, industries, geographies and generations.

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Debra Corey HR Professional
Awarded Top 101 Employee Engagement Thought Leader 3 years in a row and HR Most Influential
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I've held senior HR roles at global companies such as Gap Inc., Merlin Entertainment and Reward Gateway to name a few. Now, as Chief Pay it Forward Officer, I have the pleasure of "paying it forward" by sharing my knowledge, experience, real life examples and models created and shared in my books with others through my consulting, speaking and leadership training. ​


My approach to working with clients is to begin by putting myself in your shoes, understanding your unique challenges and objectives (nothing generic or meaningful from me!), and then helping you get it right for your business and people.​

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HR Most Influential 2021
"Debra taught me something new every day. She brings a fresh perspective and I can confidently say she is one of the most prolific, energetic and passionate professionals I know. Those characteristics combined with her kind approach to business make her an amazing consultant and advisor."
Company Values
Company Values

I'm pleased to share with you DebCo HR's company values. They're to the point, straightforward, and a bit unique, just like me and my work. They motivate and keep me true to my mission of "making a difference" and "paying it forward" in strategic, effective and rebellious ways, driving meaningful, measurable and lasting impact and change.

To showcase them, let me share with you three short videos. They'll explain the meaning of the values, and give you ideas on how to showcase values at your company. I hope you enjoy them!

If you don't have company values, or yours need a bit of an uplift or overhaul, I'd be happy to help you discover and develop them. Or, if you'd like to do it on your own, check out the DIY Values Toolkit developed to help you do it yourself.

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