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DebCo HR is all about paying it forward by helping and sharing with others. On this page it's done by sharing free guides you can download, information on my five books in case they could help you, and a toolkit you can order if you need help discovering (or rediscovering) your company values.


Free Guides

diy Values Toolkit

DIY values toolkit blank background.jpg

diy values toolkit

Company values are one of the most powerful tools a company has, guiding and focusing employees to make the right decisions and take the right actions for their business. And for this reason, every company, regardless of industry, size or country, needs to have the right company values.


But what happens when you need new or updated values, but aren't sure how to do this, and don't want to bring in a consultant? That's exactly why I created the “Discover-It-Yourself (DIY) Values Toolkit", a tool giving you everything you need to manage the process yourself. 


Following my unique and effective WTH (walls-table-heart) approach, and using values cards grouped into five strategic categories, you're all set to discover values that are right for your business, culture and people. ​

Testimonial: "This toolkit has truly been a game-changer. It was easy to follow, providing a step-by-step guide which was easily adaptable for our business requirements.  The values cards were a critical tool in fostering productive and collaborative conversations during the workshops." Chief People Officer

How we treat each other and Approachable
Values card pack


After over 20 years as an HR leader, I discovered the world of writing, and have written six books that I am immensely proud of.  My style of writing is a combination of tips, tools and storytelling, giving readers what they need to be inspired and take action. I hope you enjoy them - read more about them each below.

If you'd like to purchase any of my six books in bulk, please contact me.

"Debra's books will educate you on what is possible, equip you with tools to make the process possible, and will inspire you as to what is possible."  Glenn Elliott, former CEO of Reward Gateway and co-author of 'Build it'

Bad Bosses Ruin Lives

The majority of bosses do not wake up in the morning and say to themselves, "Today is a great day to ruin my people's lives." Which is why it's so alarming that almost everyone (99.6%) have had a badd boss, and roughly six out of ten people (57%) leave their job because of their boss. Bad bosses are truly ruining lives. 


The truth is, even if you think you're a great boss, you might have bad boss traits lurking inside of you. But we're here to help. This book is a call to action for any boss who instead wants to wake up in the morning and be a great boss! Develop your awareness of the 10 types of bad bosses covered in this book and the traits associated with them. If you recognize yourself (and we promise you will), it's time to accept your bad boss style and take action to enrich lives using the Great Boss Building Block model.

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