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DIY Values Toolkit

Order your toolkit today to help you discover your values!


Company values are one of the most powerful tools a company has, guiding and focussing employees to make the right decisions and take the right actions for their business. And for this reason, every company, regardless of industry, size or country, needs to have the right company values.


But what happens when you need new or updated values, but aren't sure how to do this, and don't want to bring in a consultant to do it for you as you want to do it yourself?


That's exactly why I created the “Discover-It-Yourself (DIY) Values Toolkit", a tool giving you everything you need to manage the process yourself. 


Following my unique and effective WTH (walls-table-heart) approach, and using values cards that have been grouped into five strategic categories, you're all set to discover values that are right for your business, culture and people.

"The detail provided in your Toolkit has been so helpful and made the process very simple."


Leader's Guide

Each toolkit contains a Leader's Guide which was developed to help you manage the process yourself following my WTH approach to discovering values.


The Guide maps out every step from beginning to end - from who to include in the process, to how to run your sessions, to how to get them signed off  - it's like having me in the room helping you along the way.

Values card pack.png

Values Cards

 Each toolkit contains two sets of values cards which were carefully and thoughtfully developed to help drive the discussions and debates throughout the discovery process.


Sets include 100 cards - 92 with examples of value words or phrases and  8 blank ones.  


Helping you even more, the cards have been put into five categories, grouping together the key themes and types of values to make sure you cover all areas where values genuinely make a difference.


 "Bringing Your Values Out to Play" book

And finally, each toolkit contains a copy of my best-selling book, "Bringing Your Values Out to Play", that  shares tips, tools and case studies to help you embed your values into everything you do, from recruiting to performance management.


The book contains over 60  stories to inspire you from leading companies such as Atlassian, Deloitte, LEGO Group, Purina, WD-40, Zoom, and many more.

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