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My Services

'Pay it Forward' Call

Part of my role as Chief Pay it Forward Officer is the act of 'paying it forward,' which is all about sharing what I've experienced and learned. 


So, if you need someone to bounce an idea off of, ask advice to, or just someone to do some blue sky thinking with, feel free to contact me to schedule a free 30-minute 'pay it forward' call.

Leadership Workshops

If you're looking for a way to help your leaders and managers better understand and own your people and engagement programs, then a workshop may be just right for you.

I run bespoke workshops that are based on your specific needs and objectives, doing so on a wide variety of HR topics. Combining strategy, stories, practical tips and interactive discussions, these workshops help your people walk away more confident, inspired and ultimately more effective.

These can be held virtually or in-person.


If you’re looking for someone to help you design and deliver your HR strategies and programs in a more genuine, meaningful and lasting way by challenging traditional ways of treating your people, then contact me to discuss how we can work together to do this.


Drawing from 20+ years experience in senior HR roles and consulting for companies of all sizes, industries and geographies, as well as from researching and writing five books on employee engagement, company values, recognition and communications, I have lots of first-hand practical experience to draw from. 


“Debra's positivity, creativity and 'can do' attitude are just a few of the many strengths she brings to her work.”

'See it. Say it. Appreciate it!'
Book Clubs

If you're looking for a way for your leaders and managers to understand, own and drive appreciation, you may be interested in holding a book club session with me.

During this session we'll explore and discuss why, when and how to deliver appreciation through recognition, sharing  concepts and tips from my book  "See it. Say it. Appreciate it!"

These can be held virtually or in-person.


If you’re looking for someone to bring energy, passion and expertise to your conference or company event, please contact me to discuss.


I present on a wide range of topics relating to employee engagement, culture and values, recognition, communications, wellbeing, and anything and everything in between that impacts creating an engaged and productive workforce in this new and challenging world of work.

"It’s not often that you find speakers who can educate, excite, and entertain all at once - Debra did all three in the best possible ways." 

Company Values Projects

If you have company values and/or behaviors that are no longer right for your business and people, or you haven’t yet put ones in place, I’d love to help you with this journey of discovery. 


The process is up to you - you can do it yourself using my DIY values toolkit or I can support you through all or some of the steps including the discovery, design, launch and development of tools. In addition, we can work together to figure out the best ways to embed them into how you work and how you treat your people so that they’re more than just words, and, as I say in my book, you and your people ‘bring them out to play.’


If you'd like to chat about any of the things listed on this page, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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