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One of the many ways that I love to ‘pay it forward’ is through writing and participating in podcasts, sharing my thoughts and stories, helping to inspire and drive change.

I'm pleased to share links to these blogs and podcasts with you on a variety of topics - just scroll down to find them. 

And to add even more resources to help you, you can go to the 'My Blogs' page for additional blogs that I've written for the DebCo HR website.

Resources: Welcome


HR Zone: How are organisations virtually celebrating the festive season during Covid-19?

HR Zone: Five tips for motivating employees and celebrating the festive season in 2020

HRD Connect: 7 tips for using social connections to support employee wellbeing

HR Zone: Four things the pandemic has taught us about recognition

HRD Connect: Shining the light on company values during the pandemic

HRD Connect: 5 ways to help build communities in the modern workplace

HRD Connect: The new ‘essential’ of employee engagement and motivation

HRD Connect: 6 ways companies are bringing their values out to play during COVID-19

WorldatWork: Bringing Your Values out to Play

Great Leadership: Why leaders need to role model and live your company values

HRZone: 7 tips for communicating through challenging times

HRZone: 6 ways companies are living their values during these challenging times

HRZone: What does employee engagement look like in these challenging times

hppy: 7 Steps to Discover Your Company Values

HR Leaders Podcast: Bringing Your Values Out to Play

Personnel Today: Getting Value Out of Your Company Values

Engage for Success Radio Show: What organisations can do to get recognition right

Forbes: Three ways to use recognition to turn your employees into superheroes

Reward Gateway: Part One: How to future-proof your recognition program

Reward Gateway: Part Two: How to future-proof your recognition program

Forbes: The Drive-Through Approach to Employee Communications

Reward Gateway: Is your employee recognition program meaningful enough? Five ways to make them count

Forbes: Five Reasons Companies Hold Back on Recognition

Reward Gateway: Newsflash – Three Reasons Technology isn’t just for Millennials

Forbes: Do Dress Codes Prescribe the Success of your Company

Reward Gateway: Three Things Chocolate and Recognition have in Common

Forbes: It’s Time to Stop Closing the Door on Pay Transparency

Reward Gateway: Bring your Benefits back to Life: A 4-step benefits health check-up plan

The Innovation Show podcast: Build it: The Rebel Playbook 

Great Leadership: 10 Traits of Great Leaders in this new world of work

TLNT: Engage your employees by being a rebel

Recruiting Daily: 3 radical steps to help you become a recruiting rebel

HR Daily Advisor: Rebel against business norms to build employee engagement

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