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Free Resources

One of the ways that I love to "pay it forward" is by creating and sharing resources to help, inspire and drive change.


Scroll down to find links to resources that you can download and start using immediately. 


Employee Recognition Pyramid survey

A free report providing details on how companies address recognition at each of the four levels of the recognition pyramid, helping you identify similarities and differences to help you build or rebuild your recognition program at your company.

Bringing Your Values Out to Play - Special eBook featuring COVID-19 plays

Free eBook on how 24 companies from around the world have lived their company values with their employees and the community during COVID-19.


Making a start on engagement with the Engagement Bridge

Free workshop pack to help you review and create your employee engagement strategy using The Engagement Bridge™ model, helping you get started on building your own bridge to drive employee engagement at your company.

How to create IMPACT with your employee communications

Free workshop pack on communicating with your workforce using the IMPACT™ model, giving you the tools to develop a communications approach and campaign at your company.


6 steps to choosing the right employee benefits technology provider

Free eBook on how to choose the right employee benefits technology partner.

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