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"Debra's books will educate you on what is possible, equip you with tools to make the process possible, and will inspire you as to what is possible."  Glenn Elliott, former CEO of Reward Gateway and co-author of 'Build it'

After 20+ years as an HR leader, I discovered the world of writing, and have written five books that I am immensely proud of - 'Appreciate it! The Playbook for Employee Recognition', 'See it. Say it. Appreciate it!, 'Build it: The Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement', 'Bringing Your Values Out to Play' and "Communicating with Impact'.

My style of writing is a combination of tips, tools and storytelling, giving readers what they need to be inspired and take action. I hope you enjoy them - read more about them each below.

If you want to purchase any of my books in bulk, please contact me.


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See it. Say it. Appreciate it!

Showing appreciation through recognition has been proven to be one of the most effective tools a manager has. However, with 65% of employees saying that they don’t feel appreciated, and 75% of employees who quit their job citing a lack of recognition as the key driver, clearly something’s not working. 


This book is a call to action for managers who want to get it right. It will help you understand the power of appreciation, giving you the skills to See it - look for recognition moments everywhere and anywhere - Say it - take action and make it happen - and Appreciate it! - deliver the ultimate appreciation feeling!


Packed with practical tips, tools and inspirational examples being used by companies around the world, this book will help you add the exclamation point to appreciation that’s fit for your people and the future!

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Finalist for 2023 Business Book Awards

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