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DebCo HR Company Values

Open the door to possibilities even if it slams you in the face, moving forward to your next door and to your next opportunity to create a bit of magic.

I'm pleased to share with you DebCo HR's two company values. They're to the point, straightforward, and a bit unique, just like me and my work. They motivate and keep me true to my mission of "paying it forward" in strategic, effective and rebellious ways, driving meaningful, measurable and lasting impact and change.

Thanks to Joy Adan, who brought the values to life through the design of the images - scroll down to see the meaning behind them.

And thanks to Dreaming Fish Productions for creating this values video - check it out and enjoy the magic!


DebCo Values: About

Open the door to possibilities

Here are the three images used in some of the letters for this value:

O = The compass stands for leading and helping others using knowledge and experience.

P = The brain stands for rebelliously presenting new ideas and ways of thinking.

N = The arrow pointing up stands for a positive, optimistic and can-do attitude.

DebCo Values: List

Create magic

Here are the five images used in some of the letters for this value:

R = The star stands for magic and sparkle put into the work.

E = The speech bubble stands for conversation and connection taking place.

A = The lightbulb stands for ideas that get to the heart of what others need to do to resolve their challenges and situations.

T = The hammer stands for the hard work going into building solutions.

E = The rocket stands for reaching for the stars and exploring unchartered territory to deliver the best experiences and solutions.


DebCo Values: List
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