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Bad Bosses Ruin Lives/ Great Bosses Enrich Lives

The majority of bosses do not wake up in the morning and say to themselves, “Today is a great day to ruin my people’s lives.” And yet time after time, person after person, that is exactly what is happening, with well-intentioned bosses getting it wrong. In fact, according to our recent surveys, 99.6% of people have had a bad boss, and 80% have admitted to being a bad boss.

We're on a mission to change this. We want to help bosses understand what their bad boss traits are (since we all have them), and then take actions to enrich people’s lives through our Great Boss Building Block Model™. 

how can we help?
  • For organizations: Fuel inspiration and motivation amongst your leadership and management teams through a tailored presentation or workshop to give your people the tools they need to be great bosses.

  • For bosses: If you’re a boss (leader, manager, etc.,) and want to better identify and/or understand your own potential bad boss traits, take our free and confidential online assessment to start taking action towards being a great boss. Scroll down for the assessment link and for more details.

  • For everyone: Learn more about the 10 types of bad bosses and the Great Boss Building Block Model™, in our book, Bad Bosses Ruin Lives: The Building Blocks to Being a Great Boss. Grab your copy today on Amazon (ADD LINK). 

Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you.

The 10 Types of Bad Bosses

When we think of bad bosses we conjure up images of cartoon characters with steam coming out of their ears, or holding a megaphone and screaming at their poor defenseless employees. And while these stereotypical bad bosses do exist, the reality is that many other types and traits exist in the real workplace, far beyond the caricature we see in cartoons or Hollywood.

In our book, we cover 10 types of bad bosses. These reflect the traits that exist in many bosses in the workplace (and possibly in you). Here is a high level summary for each:

The Great Boss Building Block Model™

Great Boss Building Blocks FINAL.png

So what do you need to do to be a great boss? What actions can you take? To help with this, in our book we share our Great Boss Building Block Model™. It’s something we developed based on our own individual journeys as a boss (great, good, and bad!), and in working with and supporting others throughout our careers. The model has 14 different elements, or what we’re calling “building blocks.” As you may have noticed, there are two types of blocks. The six on the bottom, which we call the “foundation” blocks, and the eight on the top, which we call the “connecting” blocks. 

Each individual building block strengthens the structures you need to develop and maintain strong relationships with your people – ones where they’re engaged, motivated, productive, and able to be their best selves. Together, the blocks you choose will build resilient and lasting structures that can withstand the challenges and tests of time (and people).


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